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Started in 2007 by Robert J. Williams, The Rua Network was brought to life; created as a place to offer multitudes of skills and knowledge of Computer-Aided Drafting, Website Development, Computer Repair, and Woodworking skills honed and crafted over the years. It is a collection of blogs, websites and of wide variety of services to help make your projects become a reality.


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The Stray Sod: The convoluted Writings of a Slow Madness
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The Collection of Drafting

Which Way To Disappear?

Robert's knowledge and understanding of the CADD industry is unique from the standpoint that he is able to design and draft all your projects to meet the latest industry standards. If you're looking for a simple deck/porch plan for a new layout or an expansion of an existing one, we can help you with designing it. We can also help if you are wanting to design furniture, such as an armoire, all the way up to a two-story single family home. Want something that seems out of the ordinary? He can bring your idea and turn it into reality.

Though he has not taken any courses or certification tests, his previous experiences and experiments have bestowed the know-how and uncanny mechanical understandings that allow him to diagnose certain hardware based issues without ever opening your computer. He is able to repair laptops, desktops and server systems that are suffering from both hardware and software related issues. Alternatively if you are looking to upgrade individual components, or maybe just want something newer, he can help point you in the best direction and help assemble your desired requirements.

While not a graphic designer of any means, the website skills that Robert possess has been self-taught as a hobby turned profession. Having started ripping apart computers, the next natural evolution was to do the same to websites and the varying codes that run them. He is fluent in HTML/CSS, while currently studying and taking online coding lessons to further expand his knowledge into PHP, JavaScript, and eventually Ruby. Whether you're looking for something unique from scratch, or just wanting a simple blog, Robert can help guide you to what would best suite your needs.

If you need plans drafted, a computer repaired or would like a website for your own personal hobby or business, feel free to contact us about your project and we'll help you make it a reality.

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