We can have your computer repaired quickly utilizing remote access software!

This makes it easy for everyone with a handful of computer problems, no matter where you are in the world.

How this all works:

  1. Once it’s been determined that the issue isn’t hardware related, you will be provided with a five digit code that will need to be entered into the form to the right.
  2. Upon entering the code and clicking next, a program will download to your computer, and instructions will be shown of what to do.
  3. You will need to grant administrative permissions for it to run and download the remainder of the files needed.
  4. Once installed, as shown on the screen to the right, the application can be seen in the system tray allowing you to know it’s running.

The typical questions:

  • What just happened? – This installed a small program that grants remote desktop access to your system. This program is not permanent and can be removed at the end of the remote session.
  • Is my information safe? – Yes! While you are allowing me full access to your computer, you will be able to see everything that is being done as it is happening.
  • What does this solve? – This allows remote access to your machine in the same way as if it were in front of me. This removes the need to schedule physical meetings, and helps keep everyone safe.

Enter your code below: